A Decentralized Social Audio + Music Economy
Built as a Metaverse Aural Tool Suite for Web3...

Empowering Audio & Visual Creators with innovative tools to connect with Fans, Investors & Partners across Web 2, Web 3 and beyond...

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WAVpoolX dApp Features

Social Monetization

Users, Communities & DAO's can tip, comment, share and buy audio/visual NFT's of their favorite audio creators directly.

Smart license royalty SErvices

Creators own 100% of their royalties, masters and can create splits between collaborators or charitable causes tied to multichain NFT sales on ETH, DeSo and more...

Audio NFT marketplace

Any creator can mint & sell their audio/visual NFT collections via Auction or Buy Now feature one-to-one with collectors, true fans & supporters.

WAVpoolX dApp Screenshots


Audio creators create their art, mint it, and add it to a pool of content easily monetized 1:1 direct with the users of the blockchain.

Creators can own their catalogs while only acquiring less than .0004 cents in gas fees to sell their unique collections to fans, investors and DAO partners.


Audio creator's NFT transactions are trustless and open allowing for unique reporting tools like the "SmartCharts500". An ongoing list of top charting NFT creators on the blockchain sorted by Likes, Diamonds (Tips), Follower Increase, NFT Sales, and Reposts & Quoted Reposts.

The Annual SmartCharts NFT & Music Awards will highlight the best creators in several audio & visual categories. This all realized & voted through real-time Data Analytics & Blockchain Intelligence.

The creator's catalogue can exist on ETH (ImmutableX), ARWeave, DeSo, and more in time. Allowing creators to cultivate fans across multiple blockchains while creating a bridge to all communities. through their music & audio creations.


Users of WAVpoolX have the opportunity to join the WAVpoolXDAO via Membership NFT's and
DAO coin seed purchases. DAO coin owners contribute directly to the success of independent audio creators in exchange for early access to exclusive IP, analytic tools, marketing opportunities and more...

The DAO, advised by the Founding Advisors, Creators & Featured Collaborators will dictate the trajectory of the dApp & Marketplace development. DAO citizens can communicate with each other through encrypted 1:1, group chats, votes on proposals while enjoying the perks of the DAO and supporting various pools of creators from around the galaxy.